Frequently Asked Questions :

  1. Does WIS provides database on new projects?

    We work in tandem with our sister company, Amicus Private Limited, who sells caveat listings on new projects ranging from pre-TOP (building under construction) to TOP projects (approximately 6 months). As such, these projects and related data will not be available inside WIS and will only be populated 6 months or later from the official TOP.

  2. What happens when my subscription expires within a year?

    The pricing model we have is based on time-usage or 12 months, whichever expires earlier. If your subscription expires within a year, this means that your time-usage has been fully utilized and need to be renewed.

  3. How do I apply for WIS subscription or to renew my subscription?

    WiS currently do not accept new members or renewal.

  4. Can I share my account with others?

    WIS service is offered strictly on an individual subscription basis.

  5. "Concurrent usage of an account is not allowed or you did not logout properly." message when i login. What does that mean?

    WIS service does not allow concurrent login. Only one user can login at a time. This message will also appear if you did not log out of WIS properly using the "Logout" button. You may use the "Reset Concurrent login" link to request a reset of your account. An email will be sent to you.

  6. What if I forget my password?

    On the Home Page where you login your WIS account, below it, click on "Forgot Password" and this will open up a new page for you to enter your NRIC your password with be sent to your registered email. We will email your registered password.

  7. How do I change my password / email account, or view my unused subscription hours?

    On the Home Page where you login into your WIS account, below it, click on "View / Edit Account" and this will open up a new page whereby you are able to change your password, update your email account and also view your unused subscription hours in your account. In order for you to access into "View / Edit Account", you are required to enter your User ID (NRIC) and Password.

  8. What happened if I forget to log-out?

    WIS Server is smart to detach any signed-in session that remains inactive for 15 minutes, will automatically end the session. You will not be able to login for a period of 10mins should you failed to logout properly using the "Logout" button.

  9. Can WhereNEXT assist when the property owner cannot be found within WIS?

    Our Hotline 6356 7215 will handle any query or problem encountered by you.

    Or Email us at on your request and we will investigate further on your behalf. Please provide us your NRIC for verification as this support is exclusively for WIS subscribers only.

  10. Will I be able to print data from WIS?

    It is possible to print WIS data that you see on-screen. You can choose to print using print command from your internet browser or simply just perform a screen print. Some of the data such as Floor Plans are JPEG format.

  11. Can you help if the floor plans are not available on WIS?

    WIS have more than 1500 private apartment projects with floor plans. However, we may not have floor plans on private apartment projects that are more than 15 years old.

  12. Do you have plot ratio on landed properties?

    We currently provide plot ratios on private apartments only.

  13. Why is it that certain properties are not able to show the ownership details?

    As mentioned earlier, WIS database will populate the property ownership details 6 months or later after TOP on new projects. Property ownerships are captured provided a caveat lodged otherwise there will be no records.

  14. Can we use your database reports as proof in court or government agencies?

    WhereNEXT is a commercial concern and the data are not reflective of any governmental bodies or agencies.

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